2015 PISA Rankings Broken Down By Race

Often there are news stories such as this, that raise questions about the global competitiveness of the US educational system when compared to other advanced industrial nations. Yet none mention the obvious demographic difference that the United States has to contend with. White students in the United States actually do quite well when compared alone against top performing countries with the luxury of greater or nearly complete homogeneity.

The United States will continue to under perform and fall in these studies in the years to come. Another strength afforded to this country thanks to diversity. While it can polish numbers, no amount of spending or education reform can hide the truths of nature.

Below are graphics taken from Pew Research I modified to include the separate racial groups.



All data on race from https://nces.ed.gov/surveys/pisa/pisa2015/index.asp


Audience of Future DMV Workers Shows Betsy DeVos Why Nobody Wants To Work With Blacks

Historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) were created during segregation. So Betsy DeVos fucked up when she said HBCUs were the “real pioneers” of school choice. Anyone that has been to a movie theater with even a hand full of black people is well aware they rarely can sit through something without obnoxious laughter or telling everyone around them what is on their mind.

Despite probably 99% of the graduates in the room never hearing of her or knowing what her policies were, many students tried to interrupt. Below is one getting escorted out while raising the black power salute. When asked to explain he just spits out some unintelligible nigger babble. Quite obvious that this was just used to make a scene and demand more from whitey.

This is how mad this fucking country has gone. Thanks to our Jews media, years of Marxist propaganda and liberal whites cheering them on, blacks constantly cling to stupid shit like the DeVos slip up to explain why black communities all over are total fucking failures no matter how much money is thrown at them. Of course since we made the mistake of letting these parasites vote, areas with non-white majorities allow cretins like Keith Ellison and Barbara Lee to become elected officials. Both quick here to fan the flames of victimhood.


As if either one of them even belongs in government. It seems like every other week/day we’re we take a detour down “racism” road that’s orchestrated by black assholes like them that have gotten rich in evil ole AmeriKKKa. It really does take some balls, if white Americans weren’t asleep at the we’d have realized a multiracial society is an expensive clusterfuck where nothing gets done and we sit around cutting increasingly larger checks to take care of non-whites.

Some actually had showed up to protest DeVos’ education spending cuts. Which to nobodies surprise, will hurt black colleges the most.


If we’re going to talk about HBCUs, we need to be talking about what a failure they are. Just take a look at the enrollment.

Qualifications of Enrolled Freshmen
Average GPA 2.96 (based on weighted GPAs)
SAT Math 390 average

350-430 range of middle 50%

SAT Critical Reading 400 average

360-440 range of middle 50%

SAT Writing 390 average

350-430 range of middle 50%

ACT Composite 17 average

15-18 range of middle 50%

For those not familiar, these are borderline retard. The ACT average of 17 is in the 33rd percentile. Most of these kids don’t need to be going to college, the school has a loan default rate of 13.9% (National is 6.3%) and a 4 year graduation rate of 15.3% (National is 33.3%).

Geopolitical Black Pills

This is taken with permission from Tweets originally written by I formatted and made a few minor edits in order to post it here, where it’s safe when gets suspended again. Link to the original thread is here.


Gradually, the tattered remnants of Western exceptionalism will fade entirely. Transitioning from sinking doubt to explicit acceptance. Eventually, that Western entitlements are sustainable will be realized as a facade, but not before a series of collective convulsions. As predicted here 20 years ago, discrimination myths will only worsen & proliferate, long past the point of sanity.


Like the brain which reserves glucose for itself to the detriment of other organs, the welfare state will externalize the responsibility for its failure. Black social pathology will only worsen- on top of biological differences, black pathology will be reinforced normatively, communal responsibility being shoveled with increasing desperation onto white ‘neo-colonialism.’ As the welfare feeding troth dries up, blacks having escaped the survival paradigm, & having been taught to the point where it is reflexive to blame whites, will engage in mass chimp-outs.

White dispossession in America will march on unimpeded- largely unacknowledged, through escapism & disconnection, the horror of a brave new white minority world will settle in, but by then it’ll be too late for collective resistance. With downtrodden looks, with subdued posture, with reluctance and a quiet sense of having failed to maintain themselves. The white working class wakes up in the morning, and surrounded by indifferent or hostile alien populaces, goes to work seeking nothing more than their own invisibility. White flight will provide some relief, not without blowback from the populist Left.

Western states will engage in purposeful mixed population programs, punishing white communities through economic disincentives where they manage to survive. I imagine the psychological burden of ever increasing dispossession will eventually inspire disoriented whites to rebel against their plight, whether or not they can achieve meaningful rectification remains to be seen. I suspect that, at least for the next century or so, America will begin & remain ‘Brazilified;’ momentum of past achievements will prolong the stripped remnants of racial achievement gaps but the sheer weight of the swirling vortex of non-white resentment will pull the flailing white populace into the mix.


Understaffed and underfunded, Brazilian prison guards often can’t maintain order. Here an inmate accused of rape is sodomized by other prisoners.

Once plunged into racial darkness with its inexorable Hispanicization, America will never again be a superpower as it was post WW2. Unfortunately, Brazilification is only the tepid expression of America’s march into a multipolar world. What comes next is darker still.


South Africanization

America’s major cities will become their own microcosms. Sadly, not as neocam sovcorps or as autonomous and well self ruled but bereft of whites (long having exited). & plagued with intensive retribalization & entailing violence. At first restricted to the margins, but eventually normalizing itself even in the higher end trade quarters- strapped for resources, one can readily envision the emergence of federal police forces.

This federalized authority will be completely absent in the political milieu and raw expressions of force will be resorted to. Normalcy will be achieved in the short run, but force is no long term replacement for functioning polity. Violence will return and highway piracy, like we’re seeing in France now, will become more prevalent. Uncucked whites will cry foul, but because the phenomenon is restricted in its ill effects, hapless white liberals will pass it off as the desperate hand ringing of an old batch of “racists”, hopefully to go extinct.

Fast forward 75 years and the transportation industry is in complete shambles. Drivers are routinely killed and shipments stolen. In response, shipping militarizes- Drivers are outfitted, trucks are escorted by armed guards and the cost of moving freight skyrockets as a result.

Age demographics of the West will be simply catastrophic- achieving, in a mere half century, completely opposite the healthy age pyramid. With familial disintegration, the state will pick up the monstrous healthcare tab, with dwindling tax contributors relatively. The best we can hope for is that regions across America begin to fracture and secessionist sentiment will have a domino effect Americans energized at the thought controlling their own destiny.

The sociological mood being one of exhaustion with life, though we can expect advertisement of the opposite, about how we’ve finally cast off the shackles of religious restraint, racial bigotry, normative sexual inhibitors and “live freely”. At first this is all kept in the shadows and then openly, “love,” hedonism, grounded distraction, porn, youthful exuberance. The cult of health will give way to new perversions. To post humanism, to frantic escapism, and in the end, open, but never spoken, death.

Cut off from any primal sense of innervation, we can expect environmental degradation to charge full speed ahead. Resource scarcity will be ever more pressingly felt with narcissistic, bloated Western populaces unwilling to give up modern comforts. Will doubly ensure the Enlightenment’s revenge against Nature, not symbiosis, but extrapolation. Africa is doomed. And, as Itzkoff says, below the waters of redemption for the next thousand years. There’s no hope for Africa. None. The only question is if Africa will sink the rest of the world with it. The threat cannot be overstated. Banking on some great culling is wishful thinking.


The road to hell is paved with humanitarianism.

Central Asia keeps Jihadism at bay through unabashed autocratic measures- God help the region if “democracy” ever catches fire. Islamism will threaten Southern Asia with economic ruin, social chaos and then serve as springboard for transnational Jihadism.

In summary, the future is a cold, dark and violent place. Our children’s children may be the last generation in which you can say with Sheriff Bell, “I’ll be a part of this world.” Major powers will fight shadow wars over resources to rip out of the 3rd world racial strife that will rip Western polities apart. Only after decades of ever more draconian state interventions to deny the obvious. Technology will fail to replicate the cheap energy and economic expansion contingent on fossil fuels, industrialism will eventually die. By then the rot of Western masochism will have set in so deeply, from the ashes of the industrial world, after mass starvation and resource wars, plagued by exhaustion and anarchy, dhimmitude isn’t merely tolerated, but actively embraced.

I end here with only the faintest glimmer of hope. From the closing passage of Weaver’s ‘Ideas Have Consequences:’


The Price of Diversity

Seeing as how there would be no tax base if it weren’t for white Americans, they get the short end of the stick twice after you look at the government programs and services consumed by race. Below is just a fraction, again we are talking about groups that hardly pay shit into the system. Entire neighborhoods with school systems that are financial black holes that need extra policing to prevent a situation similar to that of the Congo or Juarez.

The current route isn’t sustainable, yet it is a subject that no politician will talk about.


Gun Control & Homicides

Gun laws in the United States have little to do with the level of deadly violence. Once again confirming that demographics are destiny.

Below is a chart breaking down demographic data of different states along with crime data. Worth noting that West Virginia (Graded “F” on gun control and 94% white) had a homicide rate of 3 per 100,000 in 2010 despite the poverty and drug use. I did not include it due to seeing a fair amount of black offenders in news articles about homicides in West Virginia but no data broken up by race except for general violent crime. A conservative guess would be ~2.5 with just whites.

I would like to have done different states but many include Mestizos as white. This of course inflates the white crime rate and things can get blurry even it’s provided due to recording methods of different departments.


Using national numbers from the CDC put the firearm homicide death rate of whites at just 1.3 per 100,000 (Note: Just firearm homicide).


Death rate for all homicides.



Here the numbers are much closer to western European countries that are always used as a comparison by anti-gun activists. Once you begin factoring in the number of white homicide deaths that are a result of diversity their argument turns to an even bigger pile of shit. As most can assume, whites are also the group with the most guns by far.

These numbers will never be acknowledged by the leftist cat ladies and assorted faggots that make up much of their membership roles though. Those organizing the groups are overwhelmingly Jewish as well as practically all the big money they use to lobby against the NRA that is inversely funded from many smaller donations. They rely on shitty emotional propaganda, inflate statistics and mislead by including suicides and accidents in their numbers. A favorite Jewish past-time.

Islam In France

Stefan Molyneux has a video  covering numbers and estimates on the demographics of France. It’s pretty interesting so I capped some of the graphs and included the sources. Some data from the Netherlands is also included to paint a fuller picture. This is because like in many European countries, in France the government is not allowed to collect data on ethnicity. I also embedded the video below.



Who The Fuck Hires These Writers?


Looks like Roberto here is just making up anything, using it as a headline and sticking it in the middle of the article thinking no one will check. Sneaky little fuck probably used to be a drug mule. Just the other day I was amusing myself by lurking around on leftist Twitter when I saw this Tweet below. Here is an archived link to the article written by Robert Valencia (@rvalentwit).


Cunt blocked me for calling out the shitty article btw.

Anyone that has actually bothered to look at the data as opposed to some propaganda report that some Jew threw together they  should be able to tell you it is inaccurate. Especially since according to the author’s website, he has experience.  Always the possibility he’s just an oafish yes-man that floats around effortlessly in academia due to his ethnicity. Just skimming through was enough to make you dry-heave. Take a look at the amount of poz pumped into this one paragraph.

He has also written more than 100 articles and scholarly publications for Truthout, openDemocracy, Fusion TV, The Miami Herald, World Policy Institute, Global Voices Online, the World Politics Review, and the Georgetown and Yale Journal of International Affairs. He has discussed issues related to drug policy, human rights, U.S. elections, freedom of the press, immigration, racial and criminal justice in the United States, and economic integration across the Western Hemisphere.

I could go off on a tangent about the heavy amount of (((involvement))) in these groups. I won’t due to time right now, but It should be pretty obvious anyways.

Now to the content of the article which takes issue with the way some information has been handled by the Trump Team. The author claims that Conway had not misspoke but intended to fabricate  the “Bowling Green Massacre” during her live interview to mislead Americans. I find it hard to believe they  would think they could get away with this considering the all out media war on them, but fair enough.

If I am to believe that Conway didn’t actually make a mistake but instead intended to lie in that interview. I suppose it is perfectly safe to assume this author is misrepresenting or just making up facts to serve his anti-white agenda when here writes stuff like this.

Contrary to Trump’s belief, attacks by Muslims accounted for 1% of all terror killings in America last year, according to a recent report published by the Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security.

Nowhere in the report linked is this 1% figure mentioned, probably because Robby is a fucking mongoloid and it isn’t true. Unless of course he meant, “Islamic terrorist attacks accounted for 1% of all killings in America last year”. Which would make a bit more sense but is still incredibly dumb because we are comparing two totally different numbers. There is no data on the religion of homicide offenders. Although here I showed that when adjusting for population size, Muslims are 59.2 times more likely than right-wing Americans to kill someone in a terrorist attack. :^)

Much to my surprise, I didn’t even make it another paragraph before I found more outright bullshit.

over 15,000 Americans were killed in gun homicides in 2016, according to the website gunviolencearchive.org

Wrong, it’s a shitty source to begin with because they have an obvious fucking agenda but they also include suicides and accidents.  CDC is superior for this. In 2014 (2016 isn’t released yet), 10,945 homicides were committed with a firearm, a vast majority of this is committed by non-whites.

According to the study, only 23% of Muslim Americans involved in extremist plots had family from the seven countries banned by Trump’s executive order

Indeed ridiculous, the ban needs to be expanded.

Although the number of Muslim Americans involved with violent extremism peaked in the first half of 2015, the report discovered that “over the year and a half since then, the rate of incidents and arrests has dropped to 14 or fewer per quarter.”

This number is meaningless.

“The data in this report contradicts two common narratives in our polarized discourse about terrorism,” (((David Schanzer))), director of the Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security, said in a press release. “First, it is flatly untrue that America is deeply threatened by violent extremism by Muslim Americans; attacks by Muslims accounted for only one-third of one percent of all murders in America last year.”

Again, this is a retarded comparison without data. Who is to say Muslims aren’t responsible for 3% of those same murders in America?

We don’t need weekly terrorist attacks to prove that Muslim people bring no redeeming qualities with them. It isn’t just terror that people don’t, it changes our communities and culture. I don’t want to live around some culturally enriched neighborhood whether it be Arab, black or Mexican. It doesn’t matter what continent it is on, white communities are consistently safer and more desirable than their counterparts. Asians also do well,  nice thing for them is they haven’t had their doors open for the last 50 years. Meanwhile we keep having to take on more dead weight. Time to bring back a mindset like we had during the days of the manifest destiny.

Homicide And Other Crime Rates By Race

Pinpointing the true rate of homicide and other crime committed by whites is impossible thanks to the classification of mestizos as “white” by some law enforcement agencies around the country. Although FBI statistics does include a “Hispanic” sub category for cases when it is reported, something they had not done until recently. So while agencies that don’t report this distinction and others classifying Arabs as “white” means there are still discrepancies, it is better than in the past.


All totals will be per 100,000 unless stated otherwise.

When the race of the offender was known, 53.3 percent were Black or African American, 44.0 percent were White, and 2.7 percent were of other races. The race was unknown for 4,787 offenders. (Based on Expanded Homicide Data Table 3.)

Known homicide offenders:

Non-Hispanic White: 3,324 / 196,817,552 * 100,000 = 1.69

Hispanic: 1,312 / 50,477,594 * 100,000 = 2.56

Black: 5,620 / 37,685,848 * 100,000 = 14.91


Homicide offender (single victim/single offender)

Non-Hispanic White: 2,416 / 196,817,552 * 100,000 = 1.23

Hispanic: 751 / 50,477,594 * 100,000 = 1.49

Black: 2,664 / 37,685,848 * 100,000 = 7.06


Of the murder victims for whom race was known, 53.1 percent were Black or African American, 44.2 percent were White, and 2.8 percent were of other races. Race was unknown for 196 victims. (Based on Expanded Homicide Data Table 2.)

Homicide victims:

Non-Hispanic White: 3,826 / 196,817,552 * 100,000 = 1.94

Hispanic: 2,028 / 50,477,594 * 100,000 = 4.02

Black: 7,039 / 37,685,848 * 100,000 = 18.68


Murder and non-negligent manslaughter arrests (See Table 43.)

Non-Hispanic White: 2,538 / 196,817,552 * 100,000 = 1.29

Hispanic: 1,370 / 50,477,594 * 100,000 = 2.71

Black: 4,347 / 37,685,848 * 100,000 = 11.53MurderArrests.png

Violent Crime Arrests (Table 43.)

Non-Hispanic White: 154,623 / 196,817,552 * 100,000 = 78.56

Hispanic: 77,557 / 50,477,594 * 100,000 = 153.65

Black: 140,543 / 37,685,848 * 100,000 = 372.93


Rape Arrests:
Non-Hispanic White: 8,293 / 196,817,552 * 100,000 = 4.2

Black: 4,907 / 37,685,848 * 100,000 = 13.02

Robbery Arrests:

32,439 / 196,817,552 * 100,000 = 16.48

12,788 / 50,477,594 * 100,000 = 25.33

39,052 / 37,685,848 * 100,000 = 103.63


Jews Suddenly Terrible At Analyzing Data When It Suits Them

On the rare occasion the left uses facts or data to back up a claim, you can count on a convenient way of interpreting it to reach their conclusion. Some notable examples are Black Women Now the Most Educated Group in US or Who Gets Food Stamps? White People, Mostly. While anyone that has stepped out of their home can tell you those headlines are bullshit, some take anything they see in the MSM as gospel or they just want to believe it.

Another that I see being propagated or referenced to is Right-Wing Terrorists Are Killing More Americans Than Jihadists Are. Once again they reach a dishonest conclusion by comparing less than two percent of the population to the majority demographic without adjusting for population size. I made an infograph below working out the numbers using their source.


Even though when article was new the total killed by right-wing extremists since 9/11 was 20 or so higher than Muslims, it doesn’t matter because their methodology is still fucking retarded. Not to mention source for data they use is weighed in their favor, which I’m sure is hard to imagine for some. Especially seeing as how New America is a multi-million dollar think tank in DC.


Note: the white goy is a “Fellow”, which is a fancy word for intern

Surely one of these accomplished authors or would have realized that they left the DC snipers out of the data? Must have been too busy trying to tie every bald headed white criminal to right-wing politics. The board of directors at New America has an ethnic ratio similar to the authors here with a handful of dune coons thrown in. The most telling member on the board is none other than (((Jonathan Soros))), what a small world.