Here we have Elysabeth Martin who loves photography, although not quite as much as food and social justice hashtags. Below is a picture from her ZeeMee profile where people can donate to her shitty degree in photography with a minor in “cultural studies” that she can hang on the wall when she is unemployed. I would really love to see a study that looks at the relation between political affiliation and degree choice. I think it is safe to say STEM (logical and productive) would be a little to the right of center while liberal arts is chock full of self important leftists of no value. Remember, these are the same people who think it should just be “free”.

Some impressive hashtags, I think my favorite is #JusticeForMuslims. What in the hell does that even mean? The same Muslims that beat their women for being disobedient? Go to any Muslim country and start behaving this as obnoxious this, you’ll get jail if you are lucky, chances are they will find a more barbaric method like beheading or stoning to bring justice to you though.

That’s okay though it is much easier to shake your fist at the evil white man that developed Western civilization, culture and a society where you can take total advantage of it by being an abrasive, obese and entitled bitch. In better ages these radically “tolerant” types would have been labeled defective and told to shut the fuck up. The West would have been lost hundreds of years ago to brown savages with the modern leftist mentality.

Which is precisely what will happen now if these people get their way. I’m not sure if they don’t understand this or they need to wait until we are greatly outnumbered and non-Western society is imposed on us. Speaking of which, anyone that hasn’t read up on pathological altruism should check it out, it is a perfect description of what is wrong with society.



But I digress, here are some more pictures from Twitter. One is of her friend Jessica Murphy that was filming and the other is her running after stealing the sign, most exercise she probably got in weeks.




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