Black Women: Are They Even Trying?

There I was minding my own business on my day off when I came across this uppity sheboon. Didn’t think much of it at first since this behavior isn’t all that out of the ordinary for the female negro. Note how she refers to whites as inbred despite the truth being the other way around. But I wasn’t going to sit and argue with the likes of her, it would just end with her repeating falsehoods followed by a string of emojis like all black people and I had to swing by the bar.


Although after reading through many Tweets like this, the strong combination of arrogance and ignorance was just too much for me to handle. There she was acting smug and superior while all her info was right there, no idea how someone else didn’t do this shit first. She really loves referring to whites as “troglodytes” for some reason even though she proved immediately to me that she has no idea how internet search engines work. Also, below you can get a glimpse of her word-crafting creativity.


I cringed

Some goodies can be found below, I’m about to fall asleep fam, will update. This is all of her modeling (lol) stuff. Ignore the typos and grammatical errors if there are some.

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Favorite Rapper(s):  My Favorite Singer Is Prince (HANDS DOWN) Rappers: Big Hawk, Big Moe, Fat Pat, (SUC)



Facebook: (BROKEN)

Facebook Fan Page: (BROKEN)


Read More: Web Candy Of The Week: Corvette Little:



“Excuse me ma’am, I believe you’ve lost your trousers”




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