Over-Policing & High Incarceration Rates of Blacks

Since there is always a weak politician trying to pander to the bleeding hearts of this country by complaining about the incarceration rate of blacks I thought I would make a quick post with graphs. All of this information will be old news to anyone that half way pays attention to the world around them but it never hurts.

Recently there has been much talk about the over-policing of black communities, a perfectly reasonable gripe. That problem is blacks have repeatedly proven that if they aren’t kept on a short leash by law enforcement, the communities quickly turn into war zones. The truth is that in order for blacks to cohabit Western cities and remain relatively civilized they need to be heavily policed.


Much like when a child continuously gets into trouble and needs increased supervision, certain ‘luxuries’ are going to be lost as a result. Meaning it probably isn’t a good idea to jump into your Chevy Caprice at 2 A.M., put your blunt in the ashtray and crank up your audio system to drive to the corner store. As innocent as it may seem, acts like this will get you pulled over and charged with a petty crime. Just like all of these other petty crime charges that blacks complain about in heavily policed neighborhoods, situations like this are easily avoided with a bit of common sense.

Unfortunately common sense is a rare find in the African gene pool which means they often end up having multiple run ins with law enforcement. When you combine this with their short tempers, tendency for violence and all around degenerate culture; now you have high incarceration rates. One would think blacks would see this as preferable to having higher homicide rates. Instead of trying to better their community they would rather protest about racism and continue to bite the hand that feeds them.



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