Fat Girls Expand Their Blight On Society

The cancer of health shaming grows so I thought I would expand on this article called “This Powerful, Body-Positive Hashtag Is Going Viral for All the Right Reasons”. It was published by Mic, some shitty pozzed magazine for millennials started by two Jews right out of high school who were convincing enough to get a $15mil loan. The writer, Hayley Wilbur covers “style” so she is brain-dead and a total cretin so naturally in some backward ass way she thinks being a land whale is brave.

In an apparent effort to make sure every decent person hates her, body-positive activist Simone Mariposa started a movement just for girls like her, one that didn’t require an ounce of physical effort because anything meaningful or productive to her health would be hard. So she opened Twitter and started the hashtag #WeWearWhatWeWant.


Just like every other body positive hashtag, the purpose is encouraging girls with bodies resembling partially deflated beach balls to share pictures of themselves half naked for the world to see on social media. Somehow convinced this will ease the depression rooted in being weight. The snippet from the article below is a look into their narcissistic “me, me, me!” mentality.


Of course you are going to be judged by what you wear you fucking yam bag. That’s what people do, we judge and then make decisions based off of them. Just like when you waddle to the bars  for a night out and no one approaches you except for a homeless guy pissing all over the sidewalk. No one is dictating what fat girls wear assuming that it is within reason. The only silver lining of these leftist importing more Muslims is that if our people don’t wake up we can just convert and finally get cunts like this to shut up. No more worrying about what to wear either, we can just throw a boat cover over her.

If this dullard had any sense of decency or respect for anyone but herself it would be obvious that if your body is objectively disgusting, you don’t show it in public. Of course you can, but that doesn’t mean you should. Just like I don’t cuss in front of the elderly or go up to a fat person and start guessing their weight.

Everyone just chooses to ignore that this is a movement of self destruction. Instead of motivating them to better themselves, can reinforce unhealthy habits and totally ignore any problem exists. If you aren’t a fat girl it is a great opportunity to show have no problem with telling obvious lies like “OMG ur so beautiful!”. As long as it means you can gain by signalling to your peers that you totally aren’t superficial at all, you just really care about that fat stranger online and would never talk shit about her cankles with your attractive friends if you saw her in real life.

How can I be so sure they are lying? All you need to do is look at male feedback. The internet is crawling with virgin neck beards and perverts poised to humiliate themselves in exchange for the slightest hint of attention before they blow their load into an old cum sock. Despite such fertile grounds the male participation is very low and more or less confined to trolls, gays complimenting their girlfriends  and thirsty black men who will put their dick into anything. Humiliating for anyone with an iota of self awareness, you’re better off using an anime avatar to attract guys.

I decided to try to motivate by actually offering advice and  stressing potential health issues by leaving constructive feedback. The responses I received prove that even they knew  inside that this was all a show. Immediately they shot back with poorly typed insults aimed at my masculinity and intelligence. Again, all because of a suggestion that would benefit them more than some stupid hashtag. fat2.pngfat3

This is the result of the pathological altruism that travels in the cancer of modern liberal culture, especially among females and non-whites. They’ve grown so accustomed to being the victims and having their way that even when posting half naked pictures on Twitter they seem as if they don’t know how to react to inevitability of someone pointing out it is gross. The internet has become a personal hug-box and no number of facts or logic you provide to challenge their worldview matters. While their pathetic crying is fun to laugh at now, this could be a very real threat to our freedom of speech.

A lot of this began in the anti-bullying garbage that promotes coddling and begins at a young age in the public schools. Bullying is exactly what these girls needed, it would have given them the incentive to not be such fat fucks, much less be proud of it. Michelle Obama or some gay commercial about healthy eating isn’t going to motivate as well as little Johnny poking her fat rolls and running away.fat5

Someday, 40-50 years or so from now all these swine will be filling up hospitals at our expense, complaining because they want their procedures done “NOW” and they’re shitting out their cancer riddled intestines. Something they should’ve thought about before ignoring health while shoveling every available resource down their throat because “lol #BodyPosi XD” and feelings. It already makes me hard just thinking about the little bit of karma they get when they start breathing heavily while walking up a flight of stairs.

I’d like to start a hashtag that empowers alcoholism just to see if these morons recognize the hypocrisy.



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