My First Red Pill

Trying to make this quick, but I wanted to do a quick entry about what put me on the path to racial awareness or whatever you want to call it. It was 2005 and I wasn’t even old enough to drive yet, I was so young it is kind of hard to say I had any real political views. Like any other edgy kids that age, my cousins and I would download Johnny Rebel songs because we thought it was funny, but that’s it really. I do remember if my parents said anything I perceived as racist, I would get all butthurt. Then I’d lecture them by regurgitating what I was programmed with at school, like how awful it was and how they can’t just judge people on their skin color. They should have beat me for being an insufferable faggot but they would just act like I was right.

Not to give the impression that my parents cussed and used derogatory terms all the time. They are stereo-typically old fashioned, constantly working and no matter how much other work my mother has around the home she always has dinner being readied as my dad walks in with his briefcase and over to pour a Martini. Even as an adult I don’t hear anything above PG too often. Save for maybe my mom now, I never heard her say the “nigger” word until Obama got elected in 2008. Now when he’s on the TV giving a speech, I’m bound to hear it and cringe a little.

So one day I sat down at my computer right after school and the Yahoo homepage had a big story up about riots in Toledo so I ran and turned on the TV because it’s instinct to like happenings. I still remember seeing the ambulance windshield being all busted up from the rioters throwing rocks and the white bar on the corner that was on fire. I guess it is fair to say that something right around this moment triggered me. Seeing them running around destroying shit as they try to hold up their pants. Then when cameras were around they jump in front, wave their hand signals and yell a bunch of unintelligible nigger babble.


“Fuck dat raciss ass amberlamps”


The owner of this bar was some old white guy, he was probably so happy the blacks torched it. He got insurance money and a ticket out of that shitty neighborhood.

Subconsciously I always knew there was a difference I suppose, but in school you’re taught to ignore it. Being an angry kid, I typed “white power” and one of the first results was Stormfront, I went to the Newslinks & Articles section and started lurking. It really wasn’t too hard for me to shrug off the white guilt and tolerance garbage I had been taught because even smart leftists know what it’s like to be around a large group of blacks. As I read more, I kept running into comments or articles about Jews. For some time I didn’t really pay attention because I thought it was kind of crazy talk or something to do with religion. German_propaganda_posters_worldwartwo.filminspector.com_6.jpg

After seeing Jews mentioned consistently for so long, it finally became too much to keep ignoring. So I went deeper into the rabbit hole and began to pay closer attention. It began to blow my mind, so many shitty politicians and so many in media all had this one thing in common. Once you see it, you can no longer ignore it and it feels like you’ve uncovered some big secret that no one else wants to acknowledge because certain things almost become predictable.

I guess it is odd, I didn’t really care for the National Socialist Movement due to their appearance, approach and now I know half of them are probably Feds. Yet these 20 people LARPing behind a wall of police baited a bunch of retarded blacks into destroying their own neighborhood and it sent me to the red pill. So I would like to thank the upstanding  African American community in Toledo, Ohio who took to the streets to fight racism that day.


Tyrone skipped loitering in front of the gas station that day to help NSM spread their message.

Not a real cool story but better than being red pilled by a Cambodian painting newsgroup.



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