Leftist Female Is Shortsighted, Makes Stupid Decisions

Ana Dumoff is just another example of how my generation is regressing when it comes to common sense and knowledge of the world around them. Every bit of information about her is publicly available on her Twitter and Facebook. I don’t have an ounce of pity for some cumdumpster that uploads a video bragging about denying someone their first amendment right by stealing their property, all because she can’t understand why someone would have a different political opinion.

She’s such a fucking moron that she encourages others to steal Trump signs when they see them because “Trump pays for them himself”, I’d imagine just listening to her talk is torture. Yet she is the same type of person that has the gall to to call other people “ignorant” because they don’t agree with her childlike and indefensible ideology that she formed after reading some gay Hollywood tabloid.


She has a solid understanding of the different bankruptcy laws.

Her picture and this article should be required reading for every grade school student in America when they take a civics class as a teaching tool about the perils of uninformed and impulsive thinking. This is what happens when you start forming opinions based on what you’re fed by media and worry about non-issues like gay rights or whether or not you’ll be allowed to have an abortion when you inevitably get pregnant with some unwanted urchin. Another example of why abortion needs to be legal.



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