Jews Suddenly Terrible At Analyzing Data When It Suits Them

On the rare occasion the left uses facts or data to back up a claim, you can count on a convenient way of interpreting it to reach their conclusion. Some notable examples are Black Women Now the Most Educated Group in US or Who Gets Food Stamps? White People, Mostly. While anyone that has stepped out of their home can tell you those headlines are bullshit, some take anything they see in the MSM as gospel or they just want to believe it.

Another that I see being propagated or referenced to is Right-Wing Terrorists Are Killing More Americans Than Jihadists Are. Once again they reach a dishonest conclusion by comparing less than two percent of the population to the majority demographic without adjusting for population size. I made an infograph below working out the numbers using their source.


Even though when article was new the total killed by right-wing extremists since 9/11 was 20 or so higher than Muslims, it doesn’t matter because their methodology is still fucking retarded. Not to mention source for data they use is weighed in their favor, which I’m sure is hard to imagine for some. Especially seeing as how New America is a multi-million dollar think tank in DC.


Note: the white goy is a “Fellow”, which is a fancy word for intern

Surely one of these accomplished authors or would have realized that they left the DC snipers out of the data? Must have been too busy trying to tie every bald headed white criminal to right-wing politics. The board of directors at New America has an ethnic ratio similar to the authors here with a handful of dune coons thrown in. The most telling member on the board is none other than (((Jonathan Soros))), what a small world.


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