Gun Control & Homicides

Gun laws in the United States have little to do with the level of deadly violence. Once again confirming that demographics are destiny.

Below is a chart breaking down demographic data of different states along with crime data. Worth noting that West Virginia (Graded “F” on gun control and 94% white) had a homicide rate of 3 per 100,000 in 2010 despite the poverty and drug use. I did not include it due to seeing a fair amount of black offenders in news articles about homicides in West Virginia but no data broken up by race except for general violent crime. A conservative guess would be ~2.5 with just whites.

I would like to have done different states but many include Mestizos as white. This of course inflates the white crime rate and things can get blurry even it’s provided due to recording methods of different departments.


Using national numbers from the CDC put the firearm homicide death rate of whites at just 1.3 per 100,000 (Note: Just firearm homicide).


Death rate for all homicides.



Here the numbers are much closer to western European countries that are always used as a comparison by anti-gun activists. Once you begin factoring in the number of white homicide deaths that are a result of diversity their argument turns to an even bigger pile of shit. As most can assume, whites are also the group with the most guns by far.

These numbers will never be acknowledged by the leftist cat ladies and assorted faggots that make up much of their membership roles though. Those organizing the groups are overwhelmingly Jewish as well as practically all the big money they use to lobby against the NRA that is inversely funded from many smaller donations. They rely on shitty emotional propaganda, inflate statistics and mislead by including suicides and accidents in their numbers. A favorite Jewish past-time.


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