Audience of Future DMV Workers Shows Betsy DeVos Why Nobody Wants To Work With Blacks

Historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) were created during segregation. So Betsy DeVos fucked up when she said HBCUs were the “real pioneers” of school choice. Anyone that has been to a movie theater with even a hand full of black people is well aware they rarely can sit through something without obnoxious laughter or telling everyone around them what is on their mind.

Despite probably 99% of the graduates in the room never hearing of her or knowing what her policies were, many students tried to interrupt. Below is one getting escorted out while raising the black power salute. When asked to explain he just spits out some unintelligible nigger babble. Quite obvious that this was just used to make a scene and demand more from whitey.

This is how mad this fucking country has gone. Thanks to our Jews media, years of Marxist propaganda and liberal whites cheering them on, blacks constantly cling to stupid shit like the DeVos slip up to explain why black communities all over are total fucking failures no matter how much money is thrown at them. Of course since we made the mistake of letting these parasites vote, areas with non-white majorities allow cretins like Keith Ellison and Barbara Lee to become elected officials. Both quick here to fan the flames of victimhood.


As if either one of them even belongs in government. It seems like every other week/day we’re we take a detour down “racism” road that’s orchestrated by black assholes like them that have gotten rich in evil ole AmeriKKKa. It really does take some balls, if white Americans weren’t asleep at the we’d have realized a multiracial society is an expensive clusterfuck where nothing gets done and we sit around cutting increasingly larger checks to take care of non-whites.

Some actually had showed up to protest DeVos’ education spending cuts. Which to nobodies surprise, will hurt black colleges the most.


If we’re going to talk about HBCUs, we need to be talking about what a failure they are. Just take a look at the enrollment.

Qualifications of Enrolled Freshmen
Average GPA 2.96 (based on weighted GPAs)
SAT Math 390 average

350-430 range of middle 50%

SAT Critical Reading 400 average

360-440 range of middle 50%

SAT Writing 390 average

350-430 range of middle 50%

ACT Composite 17 average

15-18 range of middle 50%

For those not familiar, these are borderline retard. The ACT average of 17 is in the 33rd percentile. Most of these kids don’t need to be going to college, the school has a loan default rate of 13.9% (National is 6.3%) and a 4 year graduation rate of 15.3% (National is 33.3%).


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