Leftist Female Is Shortsighted, Makes Stupid Decisions

Ana Dumoff is just another example of how my generation is regressing when it comes to common sense and knowledge of the world around them. Every bit of information about her is publicly available on her Twitter and Facebook. I don’t have an ounce of pity for some cumdumpster that uploads a video bragging about denying someone their first amendment right by stealing their property, all because she can’t understand why someone would have a different political opinion.

She’s such a fucking moron that she encourages others to steal Trump signs when they see them because “Trump pays for them himself”, I’d imagine just listening to her talk is torture. Yet she is the same type of person that has the gall to to call other people “ignorant” because they don’t agree with her childlike and indefensible ideology that she formed after reading some gay Hollywood tabloid.


She has a solid understanding of the different bankruptcy laws.

Her picture and this article should be required reading for every grade school student in America when they take a civics class as a teaching tool about the perils of uninformed and impulsive thinking. This is what happens when you start forming opinions based on what you’re fed by media and worry about non-issues like gay rights or whether or not you’ll be allowed to have an abortion when you inevitably get pregnant with some unwanted urchin. Another example of why abortion needs to be legal.



My First Red Pill

Trying to make this quick, but I wanted to do a quick entry about what put me on the path to racial awareness or whatever you want to call it. It was 2005 and I wasn’t even old enough to drive yet, I was so young it is kind of hard to say I had any real political views. Like any other edgy kids that age, my cousins and I would download Johnny Rebel songs because we thought it was funny, but that’s it really. I do remember if my parents said anything I perceived as racist, I would get all butthurt. Then I’d lecture them by regurgitating what I was programmed with at school, like how awful it was and how they can’t just judge people on their skin color. They should have beat me for being an insufferable faggot but they would just act like I was right.

Not to give the impression that my parents cussed and used derogatory terms all the time. They are stereo-typically old fashioned, constantly working and no matter how much other work my mother has around the home she always has dinner being readied as my dad walks in with his briefcase and over to pour a Martini. Even as an adult I don’t hear anything above PG too often. Save for maybe my mom now, I never heard her say the “nigger” word until Obama got elected in 2008. Now when he’s on the TV giving a speech, I’m bound to hear it and cringe a little.

So one day I sat down at my computer right after school and the Yahoo homepage had a big story up about riots in Toledo so I ran and turned on the TV because it’s instinct to like happenings. I still remember seeing the ambulance windshield being all busted up from the rioters throwing rocks and the white bar on the corner that was on fire. I guess it is fair to say that something right around this moment triggered me. Seeing them running around destroying shit as they try to hold up their pants. Then when cameras were around they jump in front, wave their hand signals and yell a bunch of unintelligible nigger babble.


“Fuck dat raciss ass amberlamps”


The owner of this bar was some old white guy, he was probably so happy the blacks torched it. He got insurance money and a ticket out of that shitty neighborhood.

Subconsciously I always knew there was a difference I suppose, but in school you’re taught to ignore it. Being an angry kid, I typed “white power” and one of the first results was Stormfront, I went to the Newslinks & Articles section and started lurking. It really wasn’t too hard for me to shrug off the white guilt and tolerance garbage I had been taught because even smart leftists know what it’s like to be around a large group of blacks. As I read more, I kept running into comments or articles about Jews. For some time I didn’t really pay attention because I thought it was kind of crazy talk or something to do with religion. German_propaganda_posters_worldwartwo.filminspector.com_6.jpg

After seeing Jews mentioned consistently for so long, it finally became too much to keep ignoring. So I went deeper into the rabbit hole and began to pay closer attention. It began to blow my mind, so many shitty politicians and so many in media all had this one thing in common. Once you see it, you can no longer ignore it and it feels like you’ve uncovered some big secret that no one else wants to acknowledge because certain things almost become predictable.

I guess it is odd, I didn’t really care for the National Socialist Movement due to their appearance, approach and now I know half of them are probably Feds. Yet these 20 people LARPing behind a wall of police baited a bunch of retarded blacks into destroying their own neighborhood and it sent me to the red pill. So I would like to thank the upstanding  African American community in Toledo, Ohio who took to the streets to fight racism that day.


Tyrone skipped loitering in front of the gas station that day to help NSM spread their message.

Not a real cool story but better than being red pilled by a Cambodian painting newsgroup.


Fat Girls Expand Their Blight On Society

The cancer of health shaming grows so I thought I would expand on this article called “This Powerful, Body-Positive Hashtag Is Going Viral for All the Right Reasons”. It was published by Mic, some shitty pozzed magazine for millennials started by two Jews right out of high school who were convincing enough to get a $15mil loan. The writer, Hayley Wilbur covers “style” so she is brain-dead and a total cretin so naturally in some backward ass way she thinks being a land whale is brave.

In an apparent effort to make sure every decent person hates her, body-positive activist Simone Mariposa started a movement just for girls like her, one that didn’t require an ounce of physical effort because anything meaningful or productive to her health would be hard. So she opened Twitter and started the hashtag #WeWearWhatWeWant.


Just like every other body positive hashtag, the purpose is encouraging girls with bodies resembling partially deflated beach balls to share pictures of themselves half naked for the world to see on social media. Somehow convinced this will ease the depression rooted in being weight. The snippet from the article below is a look into their narcissistic “me, me, me!” mentality.


Of course you are going to be judged by what you wear you fucking yam bag. That’s what people do, we judge and then make decisions based off of them. Just like when you waddle to the bars  for a night out and no one approaches you except for a homeless guy pissing all over the sidewalk. No one is dictating what fat girls wear assuming that it is within reason. The only silver lining of these leftist importing more Muslims is that if our people don’t wake up we can just convert and finally get cunts like this to shut up. No more worrying about what to wear either, we can just throw a boat cover over her.

If this dullard had any sense of decency or respect for anyone but herself it would be obvious that if your body is objectively disgusting, you don’t show it in public. Of course you can, but that doesn’t mean you should. Just like I don’t cuss in front of the elderly or go up to a fat person and start guessing their weight.

Everyone just chooses to ignore that this is a movement of self destruction. Instead of motivating them to better themselves, can reinforce unhealthy habits and totally ignore any problem exists. If you aren’t a fat girl it is a great opportunity to show have no problem with telling obvious lies like “OMG ur so beautiful!”. As long as it means you can gain by signalling to your peers that you totally aren’t superficial at all, you just really care about that fat stranger online and would never talk shit about her cankles with your attractive friends if you saw her in real life.

How can I be so sure they are lying? All you need to do is look at male feedback. The internet is crawling with virgin neck beards and perverts poised to humiliate themselves in exchange for the slightest hint of attention before they blow their load into an old cum sock. Despite such fertile grounds the male participation is very low and more or less confined to trolls, gays complimenting their girlfriends  and thirsty black men who will put their dick into anything. Humiliating for anyone with an iota of self awareness, you’re better off using an anime avatar to attract guys.

I decided to try to motivate by actually offering advice and  stressing potential health issues by leaving constructive feedback. The responses I received prove that even they knew  inside that this was all a show. Immediately they shot back with poorly typed insults aimed at my masculinity and intelligence. Again, all because of a suggestion that would benefit them more than some stupid hashtag. fat2.pngfat3

This is the result of the pathological altruism that travels in the cancer of modern liberal culture, especially among females and non-whites. They’ve grown so accustomed to being the victims and having their way that even when posting half naked pictures on Twitter they seem as if they don’t know how to react to inevitability of someone pointing out it is gross. The internet has become a personal hug-box and no number of facts or logic you provide to challenge their worldview matters. While their pathetic crying is fun to laugh at now, this could be a very real threat to our freedom of speech.

A lot of this began in the anti-bullying garbage that promotes coddling and begins at a young age in the public schools. Bullying is exactly what these girls needed, it would have given them the incentive to not be such fat fucks, much less be proud of it. Michelle Obama or some gay commercial about healthy eating isn’t going to motivate as well as little Johnny poking her fat rolls and running away.fat5

Someday, 40-50 years or so from now all these swine will be filling up hospitals at our expense, complaining because they want their procedures done “NOW” and they’re shitting out their cancer riddled intestines. Something they should’ve thought about before ignoring health while shoveling every available resource down their throat because “lol #BodyPosi XD” and feelings. It already makes me hard just thinking about the little bit of karma they get when they start breathing heavily while walking up a flight of stairs.

I’d like to start a hashtag that empowers alcoholism just to see if these morons recognize the hypocrisy.


The Only Sacrifice Khizr Khan Made Was Sticking His Baby Dick In His Wife

Faced with falling poll numbers and ever increasing racial divide in America, the Democratic party tried to fix it all by putting a bunch of Jews and brown people on stage with a mic to arrogantly lecture and remind white America of just how wonderful diversity is with some very cherry picked examples as proof.

Of course the media has been in a Khizr Khan frenzy, an Arab Muslim who was chosen because his son was one of the 14 Muslims that have died in the armed forces since 9/11 which is ~%0.021 of the total, 6,639. If you think that number seems low, it’s because it is. Being generous and rounding in their favor, they make up around 0.3% of the armed forces. Even if we pretend Muslims are only 1% of the U.S. population (it’s higher), they are way underrepresented. Despite this very small number, we’ve had Ft. Hood that killed 13, add the other blue on blues and it quickly exceeds 14. Combine this with other headaches like security concerns and it’s a pretty obvious net negative.static2.politico.com

Khan pretending the Constitution is compatible with his subhuman religion and bloodline

Despite these insignificant numbers in our military the Jewish media is writing stories full of virtue signalling about Muslim heroes . Which is quite funny because any other time these same leftists will bash the military at any chance they get. Which of course is because our military is still seen as implicitly white and right wing. Despite ongoing efforts to make the military more diverse (shitty and incompetent) whites are still over-represented, more so in combat roles. Elite units with higher standards and stricter requirements like SEALS and para-rescue are +90% white. Breaking down these numbers more, white males from the south have the highest volunteer rates. Coincidentally in our Judeo-PC culture this is also the only group you can mock and slander openly without worry of social repercussion. Making it obvious that traditional, masculine white men is their enemy.

It seems pretty doubtful that many middle of the road Americans walked away from watching this speech with a more positive or accepting view of Muslims. I think it is safe to say that anyone that has had even somewhat of a regular interaction with Arabs knows how socially retarded and rude they can be. Khan reinforced this with with a speech so full of self importance that it was insulting to anyone who had some reservations about Islam.

For instance he said, “If it was up to Donald Trump, he never would have been in America.referring to his son.  Looking at this through my normie lens, it could have been a perfectly fine thing to say if followed up with some understanding or sympathy that Westerners aren’t exactly used to your rich Arab culture with daily terrorist attacks and beheadings. Instead the swarthy little fuck insults Trump because he wants some fucking border security and control over who is coming in. Recent polls show Americans are split or leaning in favor of a Muslim ban, lecturing a whole country the way he lectures his wife surely isn’t going to push that poll in his favor.

Khan, like any good Semite, was quite good fitting mountains of bullshit into this speech and coating it in emotional appeal for his lobotomized audience of non-whites, turbocucks and emotionally fickle cat ladies to eat right up. The whole MUH CONSTITUTION was pure cringe, yet never in my life have I ever had such an urge to bludgeon someone with a claw hammer. Not only that, but it has been pushed so hard by the media and while admittedly I don’t watch the MSM often, I have not seen him called on this.


Truly amazing, a blatant, in your face dovetail of a strawman and an outright factual inaccuracy. Yet during the speech this audience suddenly fell in love with the Constitution because a brown guy is holding it and that’s progressive. It could have been a poster saying “Behead all Kaffir” and the reaction would have been the same. You could practically hear the orgasmic moans of leftists and poz loads being licked off the floor.

I’d love for Khan to enlighten me with his sand nigger logic and explain where he got the idea that the U.S. Constitution applies to non-citizens. Not sure if if he was implying that a border wall is unconstitutional here or what, everything about it is too retarded to entertain for long.

This is one of the few times I think I’ve truly felt insulted, mainly because it isn’t being challenged, instead it is praised. Why? Because the controlled media handles leftists, especially the non-whites and women with kid gloves, we see it every time there is a high profile case of a black fucking up in one way or another. If they had the ability to stop being emotionally driven retards and develop their self awareness beyond that of a goldfish they would be embarrassed.

Like so many other non-whites, Khan took advantage of our open borders and handouts to non-whites. He left his shitty part of the world full of people like himself so he could come here, be oppressed by the evil white man and become another voter for the Jews and leftists who work to displace white Americans in OUR own country. After all we can’t have TRUE equality until all white countries are some shitty brown admixture, void of any real identity, plagued by violence, degeneracy, corrupt/failing governments and crumbling infrastructure. Just like all the other brown, socialist shit holes all over the globe that these people come from.

He also boldly claimed Trump has “sacrificed nothing and no one”. Just to be clear, his son was not fighting in some heroic war for the freedom of Americans. He volunteered to join in exchange for a paycheck and a career opportunity. He then died on the other side of the world in a shitty brown country that no American gives a fuck about while fighting other dune coons like himself on behalf of Israel and globalist like his beloved Hillary Clinton. Quite ironic really, from his unfortunate arrival to my country, up until his death, your son truly lived out every aspect of the new globalist American dream. You need to be thanking us for sacrificing our safety, culture and piece of mind every time some shitbag like you steps foot on our soil. Also, since we are counting sacrifices of others, I have blood going back to the Revolutionary War when wars real meaning and a beneficial outcome beyond stray ordinance hitting a Mosque.


“Welcome to our new shower facility, here’s a complimentary Kosher soap”

Hero worship culture or whatever the hell you call it in this country is absolutely moronic. Amazing that I still see people saying that someone in Iraq or Afghanistan was defending my right to free speech or that I’m supposed to say “Thank you for your service” to every paper shuffling PVT Joe Fuckass I see on the street. I’m sure as hell not going to cuck to some piece of shit like Khizr Khan and his walking trash-bag of a wife who are using their son’s death as a weapon in the demographic war being waged against white Americans. They should just shut the fuck up and be grateful that they are pulling this shit during the most cucked era in Western history. If we had the mentality and awareness we had 250 years ago we would be deporting all these leeches back to their countries and glassing them when they got there.

I see faces like the Khans and I see nothing more than an invader with a blood and culture that is far more dangerous than any conventional weapon, I have little empathy for them.



Note: I wrote this in blocks, moved some things around and haven’t really proofread. Cherish the typos and tangents.

Over-Policing & High Incarceration Rates of Blacks

Since there is always a weak politician trying to pander to the bleeding hearts of this country by complaining about the incarceration rate of blacks I thought I would make a quick post with graphs. All of this information will be old news to anyone that half way pays attention to the world around them but it never hurts.

Recently there has been much talk about the over-policing of black communities, a perfectly reasonable gripe. That problem is blacks have repeatedly proven that if they aren’t kept on a short leash by law enforcement, the communities quickly turn into war zones. The truth is that in order for blacks to cohabit Western cities and remain relatively civilized they need to be heavily policed.


Much like when a child continuously gets into trouble and needs increased supervision, certain ‘luxuries’ are going to be lost as a result. Meaning it probably isn’t a good idea to jump into your Chevy Caprice at 2 A.M., put your blunt in the ashtray and crank up your audio system to drive to the corner store. As innocent as it may seem, acts like this will get you pulled over and charged with a petty crime. Just like all of these other petty crime charges that blacks complain about in heavily policed neighborhoods, situations like this are easily avoided with a bit of common sense.

Unfortunately common sense is a rare find in the African gene pool which means they often end up having multiple run ins with law enforcement. When you combine this with their short tempers, tendency for violence and all around degenerate culture; now you have high incarceration rates. One would think blacks would see this as preferable to having higher homicide rates. Instead of trying to better their community they would rather protest about racism and continue to bite the hand that feeds them.


Black Women: Are They Even Trying?

There I was minding my own business on my day off when I came across this uppity sheboon. Didn’t think much of it at first since this behavior isn’t all that out of the ordinary for the female negro. Note how she refers to whites as inbred despite the truth being the other way around. But I wasn’t going to sit and argue with the likes of her, it would just end with her repeating falsehoods followed by a string of emojis like all black people and I had to swing by the bar.


Although after reading through many Tweets like this, the strong combination of arrogance and ignorance was just too much for me to handle. There she was acting smug and superior while all her info was right there, no idea how someone else didn’t do this shit first. She really loves referring to whites as “troglodytes” for some reason even though she proved immediately to me that she has no idea how internet search engines work. Also, below you can get a glimpse of her word-crafting creativity.


I cringed

Some goodies can be found below, I’m about to fall asleep fam, will update. This is all of her modeling (lol) stuff. Ignore the typos and grammatical errors if there are some.

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“Excuse me ma’am, I believe you’ve lost your trousers”



The Not So Tolerant Left

Another fine example of the tolerant left, once they disagree with your opinion they have the right to trespass and take your property. If someone ran onto (her?) property and grabbed her rainbow flag suddenly the tune  would change. As usual, consistent with a child’s mentality.


This individual apparently feel so protected by the shield of political correctness they had no issue doing it under their real name, Demi Schoenherr, and leaving it up for all to see.



Just another case of an adult behaving like a child due to a society so awash with political correctness that there is never any consequences for their actions so they go on believing that they are some special snowflake..