Who The Fuck Hires These Writers?


Looks like Roberto here is just making up anything, using it as a headline and sticking it in the middle of the article thinking no one will check. Sneaky little fuck probably used to be a drug mule. Just the other day I was amusing myself by lurking around on leftist Twitter when I saw this Tweet below. Here is an archived link to the article written by Robert Valencia (@rvalentwit).


Cunt blocked me for calling out the shitty article btw.

Anyone that has actually bothered to look at the data as opposed to some propaganda report that some Jew threw together they  should be able to tell you it is inaccurate. Especially since according to the author’s website, he has experience.  Always the possibility he’s just an oafish yes-man that floats around effortlessly in academia due to his ethnicity. Just skimming through was enough to make you dry-heave. Take a look at the amount of poz pumped into this one paragraph.

He has also written more than 100 articles and scholarly publications for Truthout, openDemocracy, Fusion TV, The Miami Herald, World Policy Institute, Global Voices Online, the World Politics Review, and the Georgetown and Yale Journal of International Affairs. He has discussed issues related to drug policy, human rights, U.S. elections, freedom of the press, immigration, racial and criminal justice in the United States, and economic integration across the Western Hemisphere.

I could go off on a tangent about the heavy amount of (((involvement))) in these groups. I won’t due to time right now, but It should be pretty obvious anyways.

Now to the content of the article which takes issue with the way some information has been handled by the Trump Team. The author claims that Conway had not misspoke but intended to fabricate  the “Bowling Green Massacre” during her live interview to mislead Americans. I find it hard to believe they  would think they could get away with this considering the all out media war on them, but fair enough.

If I am to believe that Conway didn’t actually make a mistake but instead intended to lie in that interview. I suppose it is perfectly safe to assume this author is misrepresenting or just making up facts to serve his anti-white agenda when here writes stuff like this.

Contrary to Trump’s belief, attacks by Muslims accounted for 1% of all terror killings in America last year, according to a recent report published by the Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security.

Nowhere in the report linked is this 1% figure mentioned, probably because Robby is a fucking mongoloid and it isn’t true. Unless of course he meant, “Islamic terrorist attacks accounted for 1% of all killings in America last year”. Which would make a bit more sense but is still incredibly dumb because we are comparing two totally different numbers. There is no data on the religion of homicide offenders. Although here I showed that when adjusting for population size, Muslims are 59.2 times more likely than right-wing Americans to kill someone in a terrorist attack. :^)

Much to my surprise, I didn’t even make it another paragraph before I found more outright bullshit.

over 15,000 Americans were killed in gun homicides in 2016, according to the website gunviolencearchive.org

Wrong, it’s a shitty source to begin with because they have an obvious fucking agenda but they also include suicides and accidents.  CDC is superior for this. In 2014 (2016 isn’t released yet), 10,945 homicides were committed with a firearm, a vast majority of this is committed by non-whites.

According to the study, only 23% of Muslim Americans involved in extremist plots had family from the seven countries banned by Trump’s executive order

Indeed ridiculous, the ban needs to be expanded.

Although the number of Muslim Americans involved with violent extremism peaked in the first half of 2015, the report discovered that “over the year and a half since then, the rate of incidents and arrests has dropped to 14 or fewer per quarter.”

This number is meaningless.

“The data in this report contradicts two common narratives in our polarized discourse about terrorism,” (((David Schanzer))), director of the Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security, said in a press release. “First, it is flatly untrue that America is deeply threatened by violent extremism by Muslim Americans; attacks by Muslims accounted for only one-third of one percent of all murders in America last year.”

Again, this is a retarded comparison without data. Who is to say Muslims aren’t responsible for 3% of those same murders in America?

We don’t need weekly terrorist attacks to prove that Muslim people bring no redeeming qualities with them. It isn’t just terror that people don’t, it changes our communities and culture. I don’t want to live around some culturally enriched neighborhood whether it be Arab, black or Mexican. It doesn’t matter what continent it is on, white communities are consistently safer and more desirable than their counterparts. Asians also do well,  nice thing for them is they haven’t had their doors open for the last 50 years. Meanwhile we keep having to take on more dead weight. Time to bring back a mindset like we had during the days of the manifest destiny.