Geopolitical Black Pills

This is taken with permission from Tweets originally written by I formatted and made a few minor edits in order to post it here, where it’s safe when gets suspended again. Link to the original thread is here.


Gradually, the tattered remnants of Western exceptionalism will fade entirely. Transitioning from sinking doubt to explicit acceptance. Eventually, that Western entitlements are sustainable will be realized as a facade, but not before a series of collective convulsions. As predicted here 20 years ago, discrimination myths will only worsen & proliferate, long past the point of sanity.


Like the brain which reserves glucose for itself to the detriment of other organs, the welfare state will externalize the responsibility for its failure. Black social pathology will only worsen- on top of biological differences, black pathology will be reinforced normatively, communal responsibility being shoveled with increasing desperation onto white ‘neo-colonialism.’ As the welfare feeding troth dries up, blacks having escaped the survival paradigm, & having been taught to the point where it is reflexive to blame whites, will engage in mass chimp-outs.

White dispossession in America will march on unimpeded- largely unacknowledged, through escapism & disconnection, the horror of a brave new white minority world will settle in, but by then it’ll be too late for collective resistance. With downtrodden looks, with subdued posture, with reluctance and a quiet sense of having failed to maintain themselves. The white working class wakes up in the morning, and surrounded by indifferent or hostile alien populaces, goes to work seeking nothing more than their own invisibility. White flight will provide some relief, not without blowback from the populist Left.

Western states will engage in purposeful mixed population programs, punishing white communities through economic disincentives where they manage to survive. I imagine the psychological burden of ever increasing dispossession will eventually inspire disoriented whites to rebel against their plight, whether or not they can achieve meaningful rectification remains to be seen. I suspect that, at least for the next century or so, America will begin & remain ‘Brazilified;’ momentum of past achievements will prolong the stripped remnants of racial achievement gaps but the sheer weight of the swirling vortex of non-white resentment will pull the flailing white populace into the mix.


Understaffed and underfunded, Brazilian prison guards often can’t maintain order. Here an inmate accused of rape is sodomized by other prisoners.

Once plunged into racial darkness with its inexorable Hispanicization, America will never again be a superpower as it was post WW2. Unfortunately, Brazilification is only the tepid expression of America’s march into a multipolar world. What comes next is darker still.


South Africanization

America’s major cities will become their own microcosms. Sadly, not as neocam sovcorps or as autonomous and well self ruled but bereft of whites (long having exited). & plagued with intensive retribalization & entailing violence. At first restricted to the margins, but eventually normalizing itself even in the higher end trade quarters- strapped for resources, one can readily envision the emergence of federal police forces.

This federalized authority will be completely absent in the political milieu and raw expressions of force will be resorted to. Normalcy will be achieved in the short run, but force is no long term replacement for functioning polity. Violence will return and highway piracy, like we’re seeing in France now, will become more prevalent. Uncucked whites will cry foul, but because the phenomenon is restricted in its ill effects, hapless white liberals will pass it off as the desperate hand ringing of an old batch of “racists”, hopefully to go extinct.

Fast forward 75 years and the transportation industry is in complete shambles. Drivers are routinely killed and shipments stolen. In response, shipping militarizes- Drivers are outfitted, trucks are escorted by armed guards and the cost of moving freight skyrockets as a result.

Age demographics of the West will be simply catastrophic- achieving, in a mere half century, completely opposite the healthy age pyramid. With familial disintegration, the state will pick up the monstrous healthcare tab, with dwindling tax contributors relatively. The best we can hope for is that regions across America begin to fracture and secessionist sentiment will have a domino effect Americans energized at the thought controlling their own destiny.

The sociological mood being one of exhaustion with life, though we can expect advertisement of the opposite, about how we’ve finally cast off the shackles of religious restraint, racial bigotry, normative sexual inhibitors and “live freely”. At first this is all kept in the shadows and then openly, “love,” hedonism, grounded distraction, porn, youthful exuberance. The cult of health will give way to new perversions. To post humanism, to frantic escapism, and in the end, open, but never spoken, death.

Cut off from any primal sense of innervation, we can expect environmental degradation to charge full speed ahead. Resource scarcity will be ever more pressingly felt with narcissistic, bloated Western populaces unwilling to give up modern comforts. Will doubly ensure the Enlightenment’s revenge against Nature, not symbiosis, but extrapolation. Africa is doomed. And, as Itzkoff says, below the waters of redemption for the next thousand years. There’s no hope for Africa. None. The only question is if Africa will sink the rest of the world with it. The threat cannot be overstated. Banking on some great culling is wishful thinking.


The road to hell is paved with humanitarianism.

Central Asia keeps Jihadism at bay through unabashed autocratic measures- God help the region if “democracy” ever catches fire. Islamism will threaten Southern Asia with economic ruin, social chaos and then serve as springboard for transnational Jihadism.

In summary, the future is a cold, dark and violent place. Our children’s children may be the last generation in which you can say with Sheriff Bell, “I’ll be a part of this world.” Major powers will fight shadow wars over resources to rip out of the 3rd world racial strife that will rip Western polities apart. Only after decades of ever more draconian state interventions to deny the obvious. Technology will fail to replicate the cheap energy and economic expansion contingent on fossil fuels, industrialism will eventually die. By then the rot of Western masochism will have set in so deeply, from the ashes of the industrial world, after mass starvation and resource wars, plagued by exhaustion and anarchy, dhimmitude isn’t merely tolerated, but actively embraced.

I end here with only the faintest glimmer of hope. From the closing passage of Weaver’s ‘Ideas Have Consequences:’