Sander’s Supporters Take Pictures With Stolen Signs

Here we have some ambitious Bernie Sanders supporters that incriminate themselves posing with stolen Trump yard signs and then post it pictures on Twitter. These “political activists” took it to the next level by not even bothering to hide their identity. Traditional thinking would tell you this new age would make one more aware of the liabilities in making everything so readily available but instead it has done the opposite.


“I can’t vote yet but that won’t stop me from making terrible decisions like posting criminal activity online”


Made sure to let the whole world know she went through with it too.


“Better get my face in the shot for good measure! hehe”

I really didn’t give that much of a hoot until I scrolled around her page a bit more. Bunch of bullshit about being a socialist and other things that I am sure she doesn’t even fully grasp but then I saw this retweet…


The retweet that broke the camels back.

Now left wanting to know more all one had to do was go to her pictures and immediately you were greeted with a bounty of information tying her to the potential crime. Within minutes I found that her name is Stella, she goes to Westside High School in Houston, she’s in theater, works at McDonald’s, and claims to be a future student at Emerson College in Boston.

My biggest concern was that kids in this age range might not have Facebook because it is kind of dying out but Google did not let me down.


Stella Barbara Moger, communist and thief.


Right here you have a clear shot of the face showing it is clearly the same person in the picture bragging about stealing signs. All made completely public.